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September 10, 2013

Akshara kashayam -a medicinal concoction of letters


      A medicinal concoction of letters 
Dosage: To be taken once before meeting the doctor and three times afterwards
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Translated from Aksharakashayam (Malayalam) by:

Dr. Joshi C Haran <joshi_ch@cb.amrita.edu>

Professor, Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham,


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             Aksharakashayam: a medicinal concoction of letters3
Medicinal Concoction of Letters.

Dosage: To be taken once before meeting the doctor and three times afterwards.

You might have come because someone told you. At least most of you! Hearing from your friends or relatives that coming here cured them, you blindly believe it, and you come hurrying here. Just by coming here you will not be cured. When you come to know that many of them go to see Swami you believe that Swami has some ‘Sidhi’ by which he can blot the illness, or pinch away the illness. All such things are not true.

By the knowledge you have, it is the viruses and bacteria that cause illness. For the past two hundred years that is the guiding principle of all research. Identify the virus that causes the illness, then find the medicine for it and then administer it to the patient. Then believe that illness will disappear. This is what is done now-a-days. The inventor patents the medicines so invented. “Likewise Swamiji also has some patented medicines for Leukemia, Cancer and HIV. Get it, drink it and your illness will disappear”. If you have heard something like that, it is a lie. There is no patented medicine here. Those of you who are intelligent will understand this easily. If you have a patented medicine, which cures the illness of all people, then with the royalty of that you can make crores. That patent work I don’t have.

What we do here is treatment based on fundamentals of Ayurveda. The very fundamental of Ayurveda treatment is one’s own repentance. Second is regulated daily routine. Then illness

 Aksharakashayam: a medicinal concoction of letters4
subsides. Then treatment is ‘Sukhasadhak’ (‘Sadhana for reaching Sukha’). So Ayurveda details out what constitutes treatment.

The first and foremost is repentance. As per Ayurveda the fruits of the sins of past lives come as illness. It will be removed only by repentance. For that first you should lead a gentlemanly life. (If you throw money around illness will not go.) Without that if you run around with money illness will not go. So as a gentleman you have to develop humility and gentle behaviour. Otherwise with the medicine I give or the lakhs you spend you will not get the benefit of even 10 paise. You can blame me or other doctors for it but your illness will not go. You will have enough evidence for it around you.

These days, when you get married you go and see a doctor. They make you stark naked and examine all your organs externally and internally directly and using instruments. Then they prescribe medicines. And you take the medicines. And she becomes pregnant (conceives). Once she is pregnant, she is examined every week. Medicines are again prescribed. That is also taken. And delivery is done in the Hospital. There is fear to deliver in the home. There are amoeba & bacteria at home. Your daughter or wife will deliver in the sterilized operation theatre of the hospital attended to by more than one eminent doctor. The child is ill from the day it is born. Even with advanced Science and even after the eminent doctors have done whatever is possible the child became sick. It should not have happened. I think what I say is correct? You have also experienced it. You should be able to say if it is right or wrong. So far as I know today women of Kerala deliver once or at most once more. The child is sick and the mother also is sick.

Aksharakashayam: a medicinal concoction of letters5

There is another side to it. About fifty years back, nay, even twenty five years back, you go to any house you can see women aged around eighty to ninety sitting around with out covering their upper body and wearing only a simple cloth. Toddler may be playing in their lap. The child may even suck at the. …breast of the lady even though no milk is there. Most of the elders here would have seen this scene. The daughter who is around seventy also would be sitting around almost identically dressed. Her daughter who is around 45 – 50 would be wearing a blouse and dhoti will be walking around the cattle shed and the courtyard. Her daughter would be inside the house with the child attending to household chores. So in those days at least four generations made a family. If you think I am exaggerating you can beat me up.

In this period I am talking about there were not too many hospitals. Surgery had not developed so much. Thousand had not got MBBS, MD, BAMS, BHMS, DHMS, Naturopathy, and Yoga and become doctors. So many Specialty Hospitals were also not there. Even ordinary hospitals were not there. The scenario is of that period.

Many times the mother delivers even after her own daughter has delivered a child. So there will be confusion whether the daughter’s child should call the other child ‘uncle’ or the Mother’s child should call the other child ‘jeshta’. This is no exaggeration. Ladies in those days were not reported to have Pressure or Heart or Sugar or Cancer or anything serious. They may be as old as 80 or 90 and their breast will just be hanging, but will not have any lump or tumor. But the situation today after having taken all those medicines is that 80% of the ladies have to remove either one or both the breasts. Even other illness prevail crucial cancer, ovarian cancer, cancer of uterus, after 35 they are all very sick.

Aksharakashayam: a medicinal concoction of letters6
You can see many men alive after their wives have died. Earlier day it was the reverse. Wife was alive and the husband had died.

In many families the children when they are about to get a job and support the family die of circoma, brain cancer, ghyoma, mixed ghyoma, Astroma cytoma, Leukemia, etc. As we gain control over diseases we find the diseases are not on the decrease.

In place of the gynecologist, earlier days we had the local midwife. After marriage, as they continue with the normal working life, the girl becomes pregnant. She is given some herbal diction as known to the women of the house. When she gets the delivery pain, the mid wife is called. She does not have any formal education. She may just be an ordinary worker. Normally, she is from a lower caste also. For the upper cast, lower cast, rich and the poor, she is the gynecologist. Since the work is the same we can give the same designation.

She will come running on being called wash her feet and hands, without even changing her cloth get into the room and close the door.

Vaidyans of those days were like that. They don’t examine anybody’s inside. As needed for the treatment they come just look at the patient, do what is required nothing more. Examinations are all bare minimum.

Aksharakashayam: a medicinal concoction of letters7

The mid wife closes the door. The delivery takes place. Very healthy children! Like that it is repeated minimum four times, maximum eighteen. That was the count of the deliveries in those days.

The children never had any serious illness. If he gets fever the mother will make a herbal concoction and give it with rusk and let the child sleep covering the body fully and it goes. Otherwise it will go with the feeding of the broken rice (gruel). These days for the same fever the child will be taken to ten hospitals and at the end it will be buried in the Southern corner of the plot. If illness will be cured by medicines, we are living a time when we have large number of medicines, large number of Pharmaceuticals and large number of hospitals. But what we see is that the patient loses lakhs of rupees, the family is rendered penniless and the sick suffers like hell and dies. In olden days I do not remember anyone suffering so much. The older among you; what do you say?

The benefit of going to the hospital is that you can see in one place lot of people suffering hellish pain. The condition is really pitiable.

If money and medicine could have cured illness, there was no better time than now. But we are clear that it does not cure. Even after spending lot of money and giving all required medicines the patient dies!

Illnesses, which ladies never had long ago, they have in abundance now. For men it has reduced. Heart attack, diabetics, pressure etc. were earlier illness of men. Today it is less among young

Aksharakashayam: a medicinal concoction of letters8

men. Why this difference? If you understand that you will understand how to get rid of illness. If you understand that very well then you can get rid of your illness without medicine. Medicine is not that important.

Long ago quarrelling with neighbours about the boundary of your property, fighting with father – in – law and parents for the share of your property, fighting with whomsoever you see on the way, scolding the children, spanking the children if they get her less marks in school, punishing them by not giving them food, threaten them by telling that they would be thrown out of home, punishing them for any small mistake, finding a boy for the daughter, arranging for the marriage, buying and selling property, lending money, getting interest, borrowing money, constructing a house, arranging for all requirements for that, getting the workers, supervise and make them work; all these men used to do.

Those days it was the men who used to buy the tickets when they would travel. The purse was with the man. Men met expenses of the house. Am I right in saying all this?

Youngsters here may wonder if I am telling stories. Isn’t it? That is clear to me from the expression on your faces. Don’t disbelieve me. It was so long ago. Older people can tell if it were not so.

Today it is not so and I agree with that. But long ago it was like that.

Aksharakashayam: a medicinal concoction of letters9

Those days women used to bathe the child, nurse the child , look after the husband and family, give food to guests, be in good terms with neighbours, if husband starts a quarrel, pacify him saying ‘control yourself’ and make him compose himself. Protect the child from getting a spanking, console the child who was scolded, and by example of her our own life express humility and politeness and all that.

There were many more virtuous things in their portfolio. Help the neighbors when there is such an occasion. If they needed vessels or some other utilities give it without much fuss. If there is some special function in her house send the share of sweets to the neighbors. Whenever there is a yield of yam, jackfruit, or other tuber crops from her vegetable garden share it with them. When you plant spinach and ladies finger, instead of putting pesticide add few broken rice for the ants. Look after cows and poultry as her own children. Like that there was a great amount of virtues in whatever she did.

But now the work of the women has changed. Now the ladies carry the purse. When you get into the bus it is she who buys the ticket. It is she who arranges the marriages. If the child gets low marks she keeps him out of the house, spanks him, make a fuss about it, and get into all sort of tensions.

Long back, one could see ladies carrying the children, men walking in front, and the women finding it difficult to keep pace with men. But today? The woman would be walking in front with her vanity bag and man, carrying the bag, umbrella and walking stick with the child on the shoulder; would be following her. You can see this picture everywhere. If you come by an auto-

Aksharakashayam: a medicinal concoction of letters10

rickshaw, it is the woman who quarrels with the driver for the rate. And then the man has to say ‘you calm down’. Even today I saw a scene like this! And then can you expect to your illness to be cured?

If you get into a train, which goes out of Kerala, be it from any station, you can see another scene. Young mother is wearing a dress such that she cannot feed the child; buy such magazines that they can get a dozen for a dime, and then lying down reading the magazine. And in the next seat would be the husband taking care of the child. He may be a software engineer or an MBA drawing 5-figure or 6-figure salary. If the child cries, he would be walking up and down with the child. He somehow has to pacify the child. And there is no way that the young mother will take her eyes away from the scintillating stories of the private lives of actors and politicians. And the husband has to take the child away so that she is not disturbed.

This is the one advantage that came with the growth of feminism.

When the husband takes care of the child, caresses the child he gains a special emotional state. He is the one who bathes the child, attends to the child’s toilet needs. When the child crises, he takes warm water from the flask, adds milk powder and sugar and mixes well. Then there is the moment he puts the first spoon into his own tongue to test if it is just warm. That moment tremendous changes will occur in his brain and nervous system. Thousands of motherly cells starts functioning, due to humility, kindness, politeness, and motherly affection, which were

Aksharakashayam: a medicinal concoction of letters11

aroused in him. As that first drop spreads on his tongue, many enzymes and hormones are produced in him, and they will push out many illnesses, which were ready to conquer him. The medicines could not have done it. This was a good luck the nature had given to women. Now that has been transferred to men. Men should thank the women’s liberation groups.

At the speed at which kindness and mercy can save a patient medicines cannot. The moment anger and hatred arises in man, it produces thousands of enzymes and hormones which will take them closer to death. These are produced in ones own body. For such exudations to be produced you do not need viruses and bacteria, anger and hatred are more that sufficient. Only after the exudation, bacteria and viruses appear. Simply stated, these exudations provide a conducive environment for the bacteria to multiply. Hence bacteria are an indication of the exudation of the negative hormones. Hatred and anger are the actual reasons for the illness. So killing the bacteria does not help. Hatred and anger should first go out of your system.

What I am saying is men have become lucky. He is now healthier. At the same time, women have lost it. And the result is that women become older much faster. Though she is five years younger than him, her hair will become gray and will start barking, “Don’t you understand?” She loses the softness of her voice. And then what a woman is she?

Once she thinks she is getting old she starts doubting. Since I am old my husband does not like me! He might have become closer to some other beautiful woman. Aren’t the serials you see everyday stories of this type. When such thought is there, even if you talk to your daughter, she

Aksharakashayam: a medicinal concoction of letters12

would create a fuss. And illnesses will multiply. Finally she dies early. Because of that there are no grannies in houses. You could check the statistics and you will know it to be true.

Now a days woman die early. Go to any hospital and see. Number of women is astounding. Go to a hospital and check the medical records and count the number of men and women you will find that I am saying the truth.

Men should thank the women’s liberation groups for this help they have rendered, i.e. increasing your life and sending away women earlier from this world.

You should also thank the authors of the serials and writers for making the women ill. Bacteria and viruses will come only next. They will leave their place when they see the women’s liberation group, because they do not have much work left to do. So subtle are the negativities, which the women’s liberation groups have created.

So if you want no illness the most important thing is that the condition of the mind should improve. Kindness, love, and motherliness should fill your heart.

Aksharakashayam: a medicinal concoction of letters13

Ayurveda identifies ten sins. All these ten should be avoided.

They are:

O Himsa

O Stheyam

O Anyatha Kamam

O Paisunam

O Parusham

O Anrtham

O Sambhinnalapam

O Vyapadam

O Abhidhya

O Drgviparyayam

Aksharakashayam: a medicinal concoction of letters14

Ahimsa which is the opposite of Himsa, means never trouble anyone, in your thoughts, words or deeds. Astheyam which is the opposite of Stheyam means never desire anything that belongs to others. Never indulge in sex perversions or Anyatha Kamam.

All magazines, newspapers and serials give to the new generation, stories of sexual perversions. When did people who are now forty or fifty come to know for the first time that it is by the union of man and woman that the child is born? Not before they had finished their tenth standard. You don’t know it before that. Upto tenth standard only ordinary general science was taught. Pollination and fertilization was not there. For the new generation they are taught this from the age of five or six. They teach it saying it is scientific. Father and mother go on with their intimacy in the same cot where the child is sleeping. The child learns by seeing it. Elders of the previous generation never did such innovations in front of children. ‘Children are there’ was a restraint. Today’s youngsters do not show such restraint. ‘Even children have to do it, let them see and learn’ is their attitude. Are these things to be taught? Earlier generations did these not after learning. They were less sick than you all. In short you have no moral standards. When you do all this in front of your children, they will start doing it early, and that will make them ill.

All media without exception, especially serials give you half-baked sexuality. The most dangerous reason for illness is perversion in sex. If you want medicines from here, don’t see serials, not even one of them. Do not read news relating to sex. If you don’t listen to this, you are lost. The exudation caused by seeing the serials, and the resistance given by the medicine cannot work together. The medicine may even promote the exudation and make your condition worse. So, please decide before you take medicine from here. Those who are particular about seeing the

Aksharakashayam: a medicinal concoction of letters15

serials please do not buy medicines. The serials itself will help you get rid of all illness completely. It will remove all illness, including you! Have you understood? So, only after seriously thinking about it, start taking the medicines. Government has now given you a lot of freedom, knowingly or unknowingly, and you live in a condition like that. For seeing and hearing there is no censoring. So you have to have some control yourself.

Serials, magazines, and websites, which portray sexual perversions, are accessible to you with the concurrence of the government. Sexual exploits of Sannyasis, people in high positions and ministers are written like a film story and published by newspapers and the visual media presentations of dance, acting etc. are not meant to reform them, but only to tickle you and make you a sick person. Remind yourself that such news that you read with rapt attention, and the punctuality with which you see such serials also, you need to check. You absorb in every bit of it second by second without leaving out any scene or dialogue. As if all that is not sufficient, you go to the workplace and discuss it all over again.

By your reading, the society is not going to improve. By video recording all nonsense and telecasting them, there is no guarantee that it will not be repeated. All this is tickling you. You are also not going to improve by reading and seeing all this. You are not going to be elevated to a profound culture. Do you have a different opinion? If so, show me at least one person who can claim that he got rid of all his base emotions after exposing himself to all these perversions. You can enquire and then tell me.

Aksharakashayam: a medicinal concoction of letters16

There are some benefits of these! More people become aware of such perversions. They will start thinking if ministers can do it, why not me? They will take more care and indulge in it. To sum up, they will behave like a bull let loose.

Now after very carefully thinking of the pros and cons, decide whether you should take the medicines or not. You should avoid three bodily sins, if you want illness to go. These are Himsa, Stheyam and Anyatha kamam: Violence, Stealing and Perversion in sex. They should be completely avoided.

Next is Paisunam: finding fault with others. Don’t do that.

Parusham Don’t speak rudely. At home and at work, speak politely pleasingly and softly. Under no condition should you leave dignified language. Because we hear it first before someone else hears. And at that time too many hormones are produced. So when you take medicines you should speak very politely.

Anrtham. Do not exaggerate. You have to avoid that completely.

Do not speak in a manner that might make others quarrel. There are some people like that. Whenever they speak something, it ends up in a quarrel: in the office or at home or in the neighbourhood. They will always be sick. This is sambhinnalapam.

Wanting or wishing others to get into trouble is ‘Vyapadam’. So do not nurture such thoughts.

Aksharakashayam: a medicinal concoction of letters17

Abhidhya. Not having faith in truth and dharma (righteousness).These days, people say it doesn’t work. That is not correct. You should believe in truth and dharma.

Drk viparyayam –is very important. You should always think positively. You should not think negatively. You become sick. Then you should think that it will be cured, surely be cured. If such thinking is not there, your condition will become worse. If you continue to think that your condition is going to worsen, that your illness will not go, then there is no use taking all the medicines. On the contrary you hear from the doctor that you will be cured and you hear the same from your relatives and friends and then you also strongly believe that you will be cured – you will surely be cured. You may not even need medicines from here. With the medicines you have already taken, you will be cured. I am saying this truthfully. Mind is more important than medicine. Diseases cannot touch people with pure mind. Your illness has not been cured not due to the ineffectiveness of the medicine. Those medicines were all right. But the doctor fooled you by saying you will not be cured. After that, the treatment is of no use. That is why; finally you had to come here.

Next group is the relatives of the patients. The damage they cause is much worse. Most often they are fatal.

These relatives having gained knowledge from Internet and health magazines keep on convincing the patient that the illness is incurable. After that there is no escape. The authenticity of what they read or the scientific nature of what they read they do not bother about. What they read they

Aksharakashayam: a medicinal concoction of letters18

blindly believe. They believe what is printed is true. You think people whose names are printed there write the articles. Isn’t it so? It is no so. The journalists write it. They write what they understand and get it printed. Rest of it they leave out, and what they write are stuff, which causes anxiety. What comes printed in my will also be like that. That is why I am directly talking to you. What I have to say I like to tell you personally.

Now, let us turn to you. You do not believe in anything. You have tried many treatments. You have now decided to try Swami’s treatment! Don’t do that. Don’t bother about another experiment. Don’t spent money by buying medicines from here also. Only if you really believe that you will be cured they only you need to stay on. I will tell you bluntly you are going to be cured by your mind. So you have to believe that you will be cured by your mind. So you have to believe that you will be cured.

A controlled diet is the treatment is also an aspect of Ayurveda. The food is very strange today. Those who buy chili, jeera, coriander etc have to notice that the price of the powder is less than that of the actual stuff. Coriander powder is cheaper than coriander. Have you noticed? You go to the market and buy all these but you don’t notice. You are educated! But you have no wisdom. Your elders had wisdom, but they were not educated.

For the dealer and the shopkeeper together they give 50% commission and then giving lot of advertisement in paper and TV and they make enough profit and after all that if the chilly powder is cheaper than chilly how much of the powder will be chilly. One powder company of Kerala gives one crore to a TV channel for advertisement every year. After that is the price is less from

Aksharakashayam: a medicinal concoction of letters19

where to they buy the chilly? Is there a place like that? If it is there tell us too! We can buy it from there for the poor people. When the educated people go to buy things they should ponder over these things.

If your elders see the child biting the pencil they would reprimand saying ‘it is lead it will cause your blood to be reduced. That is the uneducated father of yesterday. Today you teachers, engineers, doctors, research scholars and all buy lead pencil for the children to colour the eyelids. When you write with such pencils on the eyelids, don’t you think that the body will absorb it?

You, who have learned chemistry, physics and zoology; are the ones who do it. You have learning but no wisdom You have spent lakhs and went to college to get a piece of paper signed by someone who became a Vice-chancellor by paying bribe or by pleasing the higher up. But not to learn something which is useful for our life.

There are many more examples.

If children pick up mangoes, which have fallen unripe, the elders will say do not eat that that will cause illness. So throw it. Today the educated you go to the fruit shop and buy mango, which was made ripe by keeping it in carbide. And because it is sour if the child throws it away, you will pick it up wash it and then blend it with milk in the mixie and push it down the throat of the child. What is the need for such education? Who can benefit? It causes harm even for your children; what other use is there? If you only wanted to trouble your child why did you get the child? Even

Aksharakashayam: a medicinal concoction of letters20

swine don’t do it. And now you are running around with illness! To get it cured! Somebody should cure you. Somebody give me medicines and cure me! How can that be done?

Till about ten years back no one ate Tapioca without boiling it and then draining off the water. Only dried tapioca was fried never the fresh ones. When the new variety of Tapioca was produced there were no takers! And someone discovered that it could be fried. That is what you now buy as ‘fresh chips’. Have you carefully seen it? That will be fibrous. The fibrous tapioca is not good. If you give it to cows they will not eat it. But you with MA, Ph D and professional degree will eat it. It is fried with out boiling and draining the water. So the essence of tapioca, which is not good for health also, we consume. You have noticed that they cut the raw tapioca very fast and put it directly into boiling oil just in front of you. And that is why it is called ‘fresh chips’. And the disease this tapioca causes is called pancreatitis i.e. hard growth in the pancreas. Then the growth enlarges, becomes cancer and spreads to lever and intestines. There are many people around us who move slowly to death like this. Just because of their laziness to boil and drain the water of tapioca, people end up with fatal diseases.

Tapioca by itself is not good for tropical climates. If you want to use it, use it only after boiling and draining off the water. There were so many simple things like this, which we followed for our food. Only those who can follow these strictly need stay on to get the medicine.

Fish, meat, egg, chilly, fried food, bakery products, tinned foods, biscuits; sweets are all banned for patients. These are not restriction imposed by Ayurveda or the medicine. Your disease imposes

Aksharakashayam: a medicinal concoction of letters21

it. Some patients may need to eat fish and meat. In such cases I will tell them. And then they should take it. There are reasons for it. Others should completely avoid it.

Non-matching food you should not eat. Today most children of the new generation have problem with eyesight. Many of them have spectacles! The reason wheat, which is the staple food of north Indians, was made so by Keralites. Everyone adapted enthusiastically to eat Chapatti. The north Indian can skillfully make Chapattis, which would be perfect circles, and it would be thin and soft. Making Chapatti is their naturalized ability. Keralites, who learned from them, end up spreading out the shape of Africa and Asia. And when they get bored of that they make dosa with it. The second episode of wheat flour is Dosa. For easiness of removing from baking pan they put gingili oil. And the job is completed. When gingili oil and wheat flour mix it weakens the optic nerve. The main reason for the new generation to develop the vision problem is the mixing of wheat and gingili oil. Gingili oil is good for the eyes. Wheat also is good for the eyes. But when it is mixed it is not good. It creates problems. A negative new chemical is formed which is not good for the optic nerve. That is why the optic nerve is weakened.

Now a days in your homes you cook in aluminum vessels. Aluminum is economical. Selling copper and brass vessels you bought aluminum. Keep water for a day in aluminum vessel and when you empty the vessel you can see a sort of white coating. Some of you might have noticed! It is the Aluminum oxide. If you cook rice and keep it in the aluminum vessel, the same thing happens. This aluminum oxide will mix with the rice. Once you consume it causes lumps in the intestines and rectum. It also causes constipation. Constipation is a major disease of the modern man. It spread only when aluminum vessels entered the kitchen. If constipation cab be avoided

Aksharakashayam: a medicinal concoction of letters22

then more than 90% of the diseases will disappear. If you use purgatives once in a while, lumps you suspect as cancer will disappear in 80% of the cases. The treatment is as simple as this. I can confidently vouch for this seeing the results of hundreds of patients who listen to me. For poor people if they use purgative and eat leaves of one or two plants they get cured.

You all have come here after hearing such stories. But for you that is not sufficient because you will not follow such instructions. You happen to be very rich; you want to spend money. You want to undergo major treatments. You need an AC room. And you want to be in bed surrounded by machines with wires connected to your body. Servants wearing uniforms should be constantly attending to you. Even when you know that these paraphernalia will not cure you, you still want to have all that. When others fool you providing you with all these unnecessary things you are responsible for it. If someone tells you that you can be cured without such things you will not even look at them. Then what can they do? They are there to treat not without the learning or ability. But for you what is important is the richness of the environment. That is the problem of being rich. Not just rich but those who have become insensitive and arrogant; being rich? So you go to all such places, which provide the rich environment and finding no relief you decide ‘let us try this swami now’ expecting some miracle to happen. Here the treatment is in its true plain manner. There is nobody to pamper you. But since you want to spent money I will also give you lot of medicines. But you are going to be cured either because of the restricted routines you follow or some herbs you take.

So listen carefully. When you eat do not eat what the body does not need. That include all those stuffs we already mentioned. They do not come within the prescribed diet. What you can eat is

Aksharakashayam: a medicinal concoction of letters23

given by the prescribed diet. Avoiding the list already stated is what you can eat. Since that list was given earlier do not think that is the food to eat. We state what is to be avoided first so the remaining becomes what you can eat. What the people traditionally eat is normally the prescribed food or diet.

Throw away all aluminum vessels. Use earthen pots and except in some cases steel vessels also is ok. Since the alloy vessels are not avoidable there is no point discussing them.

Feeding hormones today produces banana and Pineapple and chicken. For many other productions also hormones are used. These three, you should be careful. Not only patients even those who do not want to become sick should also follow the instructions. These three don’t touch. Probably these are the three you really gulp down everyday.

About pineapple probably you know they are ripened fast by the hormone treatment.

Like that a chicken, which normally takes one and a half years to be fully grown, is treated with hormones to be fully grown by twenty-seven days.

Banana also is made to ripen fast by hormone treatment.

How does the hormone in these food acts on being consumed by human beings? The government does not want to know that. The health department also is not interested. Government is only interested in increasing the production. Even if the health of the people is in jeopardy, the industry should grow. The entrepreneurs should get profit! This is the tragic result of converting

Aksharakashayam: a medicinal concoction of letters24

agriculture into an industry. When crores are earned by the industry the health ministry spends much more than that earned, just to maintain public health. There is only one way to avoid this expenditure: the public to spend money from their own pocket to get treatment. Government has started thinking in those lines. They are considering closing down all PHCs. Charitable hospitals also are to be closed. Outside wolves are waiting for them. Let the poor public fall a prey to them. If one wants to look after one’s own health only one thing is to be done. Stop eating all junk food and the food in the list already mentioned. You will not incur any expense and you will have good health.

Girls who eat chicken grown by injecting hormones get their menses even when they are only five or six. Boys also develop sexual emotions even before becoming an adult. They emotionally become an adult. Just like the chicken, which grows fully in twenty-seven days, these children have the emotion of an adult by the age of 10 or 12. If you carefully look around you will understand this. You need not search elsewhere for the source of all perversions, which are published in the newspapers.

When these children interact with their teachers, tuition teachers and other elders they are sensually aroused. And these elders then molest these children. When that happens the papers and all others blame the elders for their ‘crime’. And public anger is aroused. None of them will blame the parents who fed the children with food full of hormones. nor the government, which permits the production of such food. They may even recommend a government job for the parents of the child who are the real culprits.

Aksharakashayam: a medicinal concoction of letters25

The main reason why small children get perverted is this hormone imbalance. That is caused by such food. This will be clear if you look at modern children. They grow like the broiler chicken. A normal chicken which takes months if not years for full growth, is now injected with hormones that can speed up the growth. All these chicken grown to be sold, will not last longer than a certain period – they would die off with busting of hearts. Imagine what would happen to kids, who consume such food everyday ? In the 60s, menstruation began only by the age of 20. Now by the age of 12 or even much less, their menstrual period begins. Reason again is hormone imbalance. There is either too much bleeding or too little bleeding. Again the cause is hormonal imbalance. Then you consult a gynaecologist and get hormone injections to resume menses. When this is repeated girls will get hair on their face. They go straight to beauty parlour to get rid of that. Earlier, that too rarely, only ladies with polycystic ovary etc had such problem. Seeing them people will sing chorus ‘here is a dame with hair on her face’. Today most girls have moustache. They come out only after removing it. You will understand it when you see the number of beauty parlours in your neighbourhood. This is what is done there. Remove the moustache. If you call it barber shop, it is not upto our status. So we have named it beauty parlour. What is done in both places is the same thing. But there is an advantage. The job now has respectability. Women from many respectable families now take up this profession shaving and pulling out and doing electrolysis they make a decent income. The poultry farmers and gynaecologists create enough customers for them. They may be getting commission also. Something, which could have been accomplished by using a blade, which costs Rs.2 the beauticians, charges Rs 125 upwards.

Aksharakashayam: a medicinal concoction of letters26

A generation brought up on hormone imbalance is growing up in the west as a social menace. That has just started in India. Exposing nudity, using beauty aids and fashion parades are all pointers to it. Such perversions which were limited to the ramps of Hollywood and Paris has now made inroads into countries like India which basically family based societies, by conducting beauty contests and selecting Miss Universe when it becomes acceptable to our people and when we see that they show interest to enthusiastically participate in it, we can imagine the extend of change in the society. Today it is the mothers who take their teen aged daughters to the ramp. There, when their daughters expose their body on the ramp the modern mothers are not ashamed. They appreciate it and feel happy. Better not to discuss the predicament of the fathers of these girls. Of course only the mother will know who it is! Mother is the truth. Father is a belief. Isn’t it so? Nowadays even that has changed. Not only sperm but also even fertilized egg is available for implanting. Only the price is from Rs.5000 to 50,000 depending on the beauty. Then what mother? Which mother?

In this new world the spirited father and mother take their children to the cosmetic surgeon. My child’s - this is small that is small and something else is not that beautiful, the teeth is to be tied, the nose is to be straightened. They keep demanding such things, spending lakhs - they get it done.

Unsatisfied with all this the mothers make them wear transparent dress ensuring whatever should not be seen is very visible and send them out into the society. The poor girl! She is not aware of the implications. The mother who should have cautioned her about all that has become

Aksharakashayam: a medicinal concoction of letters27

mad. She is mad about what I don’t want to tell. The girl has the problem of hormone imbalance. She lives unaware of the world around her.

The opposite sex also is growing up, like this. When the two come together Kerala becomes a broiler farm. In western countries there are clinics to give counseling and arrange rehabilitation of hormone imbalance patients. Here also they will start all that. So much is their, physical, mental and social problem. The reason for all this is the perverted notions of their parents. If the pharmaceutical industry, psychiatrists and the social organizations take advantage of the situation; whom should you blame! Polycystic ovary, polycystic uterus are common women’s problem today. They are also due to hormone imbalance. This can be cured with medicine. But then if you again eat broiler chicken it will relapse. Hence avoid all food, which has hormone treatment.

Genetically modified agriculture also is gaining acceptance and is becoming popular. Apple Tomato otherwise known as GM 40 tomato is a genetically modified product. The kidney contracts if you consume it. The rats will not eat it. Crows will not eat. They are wiser than you. They have not gone to the University to get a certificate and their children have not learned in the English medium school from LKG and hence they have more wisdom, though they are not educated like you.

It is not that I am just making a statement that GM 40 tomato affects your kidney. That was advertised by the company, which produced it. Even knowing this you will buy and eat it. Then you will run around for dialysis. Peritomal dialysis, Chemo dialysis…

Aksharakashayam: a medicinal concoction of letters28

So do not eat such food. And those who still want it don’t take the medicine.

I am highlighting the general aspects of positive living. What is needed for your treatment will be given in detail in print. If anything extra is to be told to you that also will be told. You should be extra careful about food. Any food, which is not a traditional food, should be avoided. Do not get new recipes for making food and make and eat. What I am saying is known to the older generation. They lived following those instructions. If there is anyone of the older generation, who is really grey; you can ask him or her and find it out yourself. Reason is only because they followed those instructions they have crossed ninety and are still alive and healthy.

Here we give four types of medicines.

First, medicines you have to pluck from the plants. As far as we are concerned they are the most important and costly medicine. Mainly leaves and bark of trees, small plants etc. If in your prescription I give some of these to be used buy it giving more money or if you pluck it yourself do it gently and with reverence, and then only use it. They are the costliest medicines. Because with no human effort these plants take all the required minerals from earth, through their roots and prepare to correct proportion in the leaves and hence the essence of these leaves are the best medicines. Gold and silver and iron, all will be present as elements or compounds in these medicines. What is special about this is that the human body can easily absorb it as required. If directly taken, it will not be easily absorbed. If you take iron tonics most of it will directly go out with the excreta.

Aksharakashayam: a medicinal concoction of letters29

But if you take the essence of leaf, which contains iron, the body will absorb whatever is needed and nothing is lost. This aspect is what makes these herbs from nature very potent medicines.

The iron in iron tonics cannot dissolve in water. But the iron in the essence of herbs will dissolve in water. There is iron in bitter gourd. When you take the juice of it you will get iron dissolved in water. That is the true of any source of iron from herbs. But human science has not advanced to that extend, to get iron produced to dissolve in water. But nature can easily do it for you. That is why nature is the greatest storehouse of highly potent medicines. No science has been able to develop medicines, better than those prepare by nature. Even in future I don’t think it will be possible. Reason is the medicinal aspect is not in the atomic level. There is an exposition of this in Bhartruhari’s text of Ayurveda. Matter can be split into atoms. When you split atom you get negative and positive charge particles. Of this, if you split negative charge particles, you get a bright particle and a dark particle. If you further divide the dark particle you get a nano particle. Nano particle is the limit. Actually there is no particle or material. Here the mind of the person and the ‘particle’ merges. Those who have studied advanced Physics will understand this. Varner Heisenberg has encountered such phenomena. You should read about their experience. The ancients had the vision of this long ago.

In the herbs the medicines are at the nano level. Hence it works with the mind of the person who plucks it. Hence Vaidyas of yore will not prescribe medicines. They knew it was difficult for others to understand such deeper principles. So they used to pluck the medicine prepare it and give it. When they pluck the herbs they will be silent. They will keep praying for the patients to be cured. So they will prepare the herbs they collected without speaking, and directly put into the mouth of

Aksharakashayam: a medicinal concoction of letters30

the patient. Some of you might have had the experience. Just one dose and jaundice will be cured. Such secrets are not handed down to the next generation just like that. If it is used for material gain, the medicine’s potency will be lost. As already stated, it works with the support of the mind. Hence only those who follow the required disciplines can give the medicine effectively.

The one who gives the medicine has to follow certain routines. If such children are there, then the secrets are given only to them. Otherwise they will wait. When they meet an eligible person in the neighborhood or in a crowd, they will hand over to him.

There are many wonder drugs in the science of medicine of the ancients. The juice of jungle variety of cucumber is collected in vessel. If someone stands in it dipping his feet, in an hour the essence will reach the tongue. By that time all the flow passages in the body will be fully open. And with that pimples and all negativities in the body will be removed. Any block in the blood passages will also be removed. But if this result is to be achieved in the given time, the patient and the one who plucked the fruit and one prepared the juice, all should have a mature mind.

When I prescribe such medicines, the poor among you will listen carefully and follow the instructions with due respect. Get ‘Mukkoothi’ and take it mixing it with milk and your diabetes will be cured. If this is prescribed the common man will go home, have his bath, and believing what I said is true, without hurting that plant uproot it and then will prepare the medicine and use it as told. Within a week his sugar count will come down to 120 from 300 in three month’s time he will be normal. He can then savour his favorite mangoes and jackfruit and ‘Palpayasam’.

Aksharakashayam: a medicinal concoction of letters31

Same time the rich will call his servant and say, ‘Swami has prescribed, get me 10 kg Mukkoothi’. Even if it is in his compound he will not get it himself. The servant then will leave his job and go, search and from where it is available collect it and in two three days come back with Mukkoothi. The rich will take it and push it into the fridge. Then to the servant he will give five rupees and will say ‘you keep it’. See, five rupees for three days’ work! And suppose the servant sort of reminds ‘Sir it took me three days’. He will say ‘for this grass even five rupees is too much!’ He will show his miserliness. So, with the curse of the servant only he can now take the medicine. The illness will not subside, the condition will aggravate. And then he will develop other symptoms also. Hence it should be with care and a prayerful mind, one should involve in plucking the medicine, preparing it and using it.

‘Kallurukki’ leaves can cure the problem of stone. Not for everyone. The stems of five leaves of the jackfruit tree can cure diabetes. Shoe flower bud taken with rice wash water can control cholesterol and make it normal. The leaf of ‘Ung’ taken along with food can remove piles. Koduleli tuber crop taken along with milk treats the lumps formed in the ovary, uterus and stomach of ladies in fifteen days.

If I prescribe anything like this they are most important. They occupy the number 1 place. Politely, purely, carefully you have to pluck it and have it.

Next come ingredients you have to buy and then prepare the medicine.

Aksharakashayam: a medicinal concoction of letters32

These herbs are now kept in the most unhygienic condition. It will even have the excreta of rats and cockroach. So you should not go and buy the herbs and get it packed. Since you are all lazy, I know that is what you will do. That is why I am saying it specifically. If I write ‘herb 1, herb 2, herb 3 and herb 4 - 60g.’ it means you need 15g of each. So if you need the medicine for 30 days you need 450g each. So you can buy 500g of each. Then bring it home and clean it very well removing worms and stones and all. Then make into packets of 15g each and use it as instructed. Otherwise you may vomit. It will lead to more trouble. Especially when you prepare the medicine for the children you should be very careful. Only if you can be very careful in following such instructions you need to wait to take treatment from here.

What I just said is the second set of medicines. The first set and this are the absolute essential for curing your illness.

For some illness if it is chronic very serious, oxide of gold, kumkum flower, Kasturi, Yavad etc., which are very costly, will have to be used. If you try you may not get the original. Even what we get may not be 100% original. But since we are more informed we believe it is purer and more original. They adulterate costly medicines more. But we have some people who have been cured by treatment from here. They get us these medicines and hence they are original. Medicines made with these are the third set. They are very costly due to the cost of ingredients and processing. But since we do not buy all the ingredients we do not charge you as high as the market rate. So most of them are given at half rate and some are even given free. Hence do not take more than needed. Take what is required for 15 days or 30 days. Do not buy more than that. And after you get cured if some medicine is left please do not throw it away. Return it to us, so that we can give to poor

Aksharakashayam: a medicinal concoction of letters33

people. You will get so much punnya. This set of medicines we make has only the third place even though it is costly. The first and second goes to what you directly take and what you prepare and take.

Above all this if you want your illness to be completely cured you should donate one tenth of your income to charity. Yes you should give away one tenth of your income as ‘sakath’. And what the right hand does even the left hand need not know. Giving is not your magnanimity. Give it with the feeling that the one who receiving is magnanimous. Saying it is charity you might have given large donations for Tsunami fund and society funds and Chief Minister Fund. That will all end up in sin. Not in virtue. If you make lot of money through devious methods and then donate to church and temple and orphanage it will not become charity. You are doing that to make God a partner for you nefarious activities. But God would not become your partner. He is not like that. When you bow to God even if you put no money there is no problem. Don’t commit sins. Otherwise you will suffer from all sorts of illness. Selling liquor, carrying out illegal activities, lending money for extremely large interest, sell making large profit when you amass wealth it will strike back as family problems and chronic illness. And then you go to Ashrams and Sannyasis for relief. You will leave all your sins there. The abodes of divine people are not places to dump your sins. The result of your entering such places is now visible. What you have done outside you will do there also. Such donations will not be charity or sakath or service.

Through organizations and Ashrams and in many ways if you make a donation that will not be of any use to you because it does not reach those who should have received it. Only if it reaches them it gets accounted as virtue or Punya. So much was collected in the name of Tsunami but the

Aksharakashayam: a medicinal concoction of letters34

affected people did not get anything. Where the one-week discourse was going on I had also put a donation box with the caption, ‘Tsunami’. I knew if I write ‘Tsunami’ you will put lot of money in it. Since I give no receipt no one will know how much I collected. With the money I buy a car, but it is not going to be given to any Tsunami affected person. Just to hoodwink you I may give a small part to the minister or Governor and get the photo published in a paper and even the newspaper people like to publish it. They also conduct such collections. This is the state of our social work. What belongs to the church and that of Caesar to Caesar is the oldest rule? So if you want to give, give. But that does not become Punya.

Only when you give directly to a poor person it becomes Punya. If you do that, that alone will cure you of your illness. Capable children who do not have the means to study, destitute women and helpless people like that are there around you. Without others knowing and not letting others know help those people.

There are people who seek help advertising in the papers. If you want to help them, meet them personally and then only help them. Sometimes such news comes in the paper not because they requested but some organizations and hospitals give it to the paper. And they can make a profit from it. If you or I go to a newspaper office and tell about suffering people they may listen but will not publish it. For that there are some agents. If you carefully read the news it will become clear. ‘It is a very rare illness’. Only that particular doctor is capable of treating him so many lakhs are required for the operation such phrases will be there in the news.

Aksharakashayam: a medicinal concoction of letters35

You should think and find out the motives behind it. I will not tell you. There is no illness in the world, which is ‘very rare’. When the doctors miserably fail to cure an illness they call it as ‘very rare’. What about operations? A lot of money is required to manage a hospital. And that money has to be somehow raised. So when you see such advertisements don’t jump to help. Make preliminary enquiries and ascertain that it is a genuine need and then give the required help.

Please be wary of the people who have accompanied you here. 90% of them are messengers of death. They would be sufficient to cause your death. They will keep reminding you of the seriousness of your illness. They will call the relative (attending the patient) away and as if the patient cannot hear, whisper to him and act as the messenger of death. What they say is doctor has said that he will not live longer. The patient can hear that!

There are some other smart people. They would have already taken their father to RCC. Making the father wait outside they will come inside and say in a low voice. They have said that my father has cancer we have not yet told this to father. Swami also should not tell him. The father may be learned person. When he comes in itself the father would have understood. But he would pretend as if he does not know anything. When he was taken to RCC itself he would have understood everything. Who does not know that one goes to RCC not to see a Mohanlal movie! And that fool wants to warn me. And when the son speaks secretly to the Swami the father has only one doubt. What is such a secret he has with Swami, is he fed up looking after me? If so death is better. So for me to meet the patient no briefing is needed. No intermediary is needed to get treatment from me. Patients have enough freedom here. Only patients.

Aksharakashayam: a medicinal concoction of letters36

There is another set of people. When the son goes out after telling his secret the father will come in. He will ensure that the son has gone to the other side to buy the medicines. Swami I know what my illness is. Need not tell them what my real illness is. I know there is no use in treating me. Sometime you cannot avoid treating me also. See the father is the main thief. He might have earned lot of money through devious ways. Till now he would not have made his will dividing his property among his children. He wanted to watch how his children would take care of him and then only decide on how to share the property or else to give it to an orphanage or Ashram. You should understand the situation I am in. I myself become a thief in between two other thieves. And my treatment has to be an adjustment between father and son.

There is no cure for them. You get cured not by adjustments. Look like I have to tell you all this because I don’t want to just service selling medicines. So I request you not to try such things with me.

The onus of cure is mainly on you and your relatives.

When you get ill there is one more star that appears. Astrologer! Someone in your house has not been well for sometime and treatment has not been very effective. And you consult an astrologer. They are actually waiting for a prey. He spreads his cowry and lo! He sees everything.

Till that time there was no problem in that house. Family including cow and goat, cock and hen and human beings has lived there for more than sixty years. Farming and businessmen have gone on very well all these years. And the Astrologer says the position of the house is not correct. The

Aksharakashayam: a medicinal concoction of letters37

two mango trees in front of the house, which yields plenty of mangoes, should be cut. And the door opening to the south should be removed. And an idol (Panchasirassu) should be kept in the middle. This is a very good business proposition indeed!

An astrologer who is only forty years is making these statements. The stool on which he was sitting is sixty years old. And it is still in good condition. The mango tree was there even when the Astrologer was not born. The house was positioned and constructed by a traditional mason and probably the grandfather of the present astrologer only would have fixed the time to start construction. Sitting is a house like this, now he says all this! What can they claims to know more than the earlier generation in Astrology? Of course it should be agreed that he now fools you by using a computer.

The illness of astrology is also common. Earlier I used to see the patients and prescribe medicine sitting in the small room in the front. Some of you may remember that. When the patients and the relatives come together, the space was insufficient. So we moved to the bigger room behind the small room. We had to construct a door on the south side. The first day I was meeting patients, one uncle and nephew along with quite a few relatives came in a Qualis car. Got the prescription for the nephew and got out through the door on the south. Immediately the uncle tells his nephew ‘You are a gone case’. The nephew got scared. Then the uncle explains ‘see you got out to the south’ (The usage in Malayalam means you have gone through the door of death). Here the door is on the south. We had not bothered about it. If there is anyone with such an uncle you can go out through the door on the south and then south to east. Here we don’t bother about south and north. The reason is every south is north and every north is south. The south for the

Aksharakashayam: a medicinal concoction of letters38

one standing on the north will be north for one standing south of it. One, who knows, knows this. So there is no south or north anywhere in the world. Changanassery is south of Kottayam and Cochin is to north Kottayam. Kottayam, which is north of Changanassery, is south of Cochin! South and north are relative.

So, all those who give importance to astrology and different types of it like palmistry can go that way. Those who come here for treatment should not fall into such trap. We are very particular about that. So people who agree with this condition need stay on. Others need not stay on and waste money for medicine.

We have conveyed to you our expectations from you. If you conform to it you can stay. Otherwise please leave. You need stay on only if you can follow these instructions.

Some of you might have come with the understanding that you will be called on a priority basis and attended to and can leave early. So they can come. If I don’t say this and start examining the patients, they will stand around and try to get my attention. Otherwise they will be walking up and down the corridor impatiently. Even then if they are not attended to they will on the mobile phone call the person who called me and informed me. This small equipment used by the fisherman is now with everyone. Those who went fishing used this equipment to inform their broker in advance what their catch is. So they had some real use for their business. What is the use if you have it in your hands except that you can create some trouble? Now you will call your acquaintance and he will immediately call back. And I get the call in the middle of my examining a patient ‘Swami, how are you?’ ‘What are you doing these days?’ ‘When will you be coming to our

Aksharakashayam: a medicinal concoction of letters

place again?’ ‘Please take care’. They will go on talking like this for half an hour and then will say ‘one person who is very close to me has come to consult you. Kindly see him so that he need not wait for his turn’. To say this he wasted my half an hour. Why? He is afraid if that introductory part is not there I may not listen. So let us avoid all this. Those who have come through acquaintances, please come first. Others can come in the order in which they have entered the name. Then you do not have to look through that door and walk up and down in the corridor. So come straight in. Don’t have to use your cell phone and that is good for health.

Those who have come through acquaintance should understand that when you come as tenth and go out as first, there are nine people who feel upset. Think how good it would be for getting your illness cured. So without giving a chance for it, coming in the order in which your name is written is better.

Those who have come for the first time are given the rules of correct diet. Please read it carefully. You need to stay on, only if you find it satisfactory. Otherwise, please return the instruction sheet and leave.

Once I say this, some people will disappear. And we thought they had gone frightened by the rules of diet. Only later we got the true picture. After a month or two they again appear and are among you. Otherwise I would get a phone call. “Swami, I had listened to you very carefully. I still had a stock of medicines worth two to three thousand rupees.

Aksharakashayam: a medicinal concoction of letters

I would have spent some more money for taking the medicines prescribed by you. But I decided to stop taking all medicine, and follow your advice on dietary habits and charity etc. It is about a month since I started practicing your instructions in my life.

That we just stopped. On second thought we realized that we will spend some more money with medicines you would have prescribed. So that also we decided not to have. Then like you said we gave some money to charity. And then doing good things and taking food as per your dietary instructions we have spent a month. Now I am cured completely. so now we are convinced about what you said. When I developed good mental attitudes I have been completely cured. Now I have come because I have some money. I will leave it with you. Please give it to the poor and we would be happy if Swamiji gives it”. That is what they say when they come back.

Anyone among you who has identical feeling, please leave immediately. Do not hesitate. I would further say, do not come back when you are healed, with the money you saved. The money you have saved can be given to poor in your own neighbourhood. Give a book to one who needs it, umbrella to one who does not have it, if you can buy a cow and give, it can help the survival of a family. If a girl is remaining unmarried find a boy for her and bear part of the marriage expenses. And all such money will be added to my account, directly to my account. I have no Ashram and so no collection of money. This is the outhouse. Since they have been very kind I am doing this work sitting here. They do not need any money from me. Some other Ayurveda physicians and some other good-hearted people make the medicines and give. So you do not have to come here with money.

Aksharakashayam: a medicinal concoction of letters 41
  Choosing a good life, following dietary instructions and giving money to charity and living a peaceful life you are cured of your illness, the money you saved can be given to the poor near you. And the money will immediately be credited to my account. You do not have to have any doubt about that. Is it clear?

I feel I have explained everything that you needed to know.. Now, one by one, in the order, you can meet me.

* aksharakashayam samaptham *


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