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June 2, 2013

Healthiest oil found on earth is coconut oil

 Coconuts are a versatile superfood providing nutrition, health benefits, and amazing medicinal properties all wrapped in one delicious package. Coconuts are totally natural, easily available and affordable; and every part of the fruit is useful.
Green coconut water uses:
.Natural, healthy source for hydration, energy and endurance, making it the perfect sports drink.
.Restores electrolytes after exercise, vomiting, diarrhea.
.Antiseptic properties provide antibacterial, anti-viral and anti-fungal agents to purify blood --      .killing measles, herpes, influenza, AIDS, SARS, hepatitis C...
.Useful for emergency transfusions due to being close in composition to human plasma.
.Used to prevent vomiting, nausea and replace lost fluids in cases of malaria, typhoid, influenza...
.Dissolves kidney stones alkalizing urine pH.
.Used as a natural cleanse, coconut water mixed with olive oil eliminates intestinal parasites.
Coconut oil medicinal uses:
Virgin coconut oil tastes and smells like coconut. Expeller pressed oil has no scent or taste and both types can be used medicinally.

--Kills bacteria causing urinary tract infections, gonorrhea, gum disease, staphylococcus, MRSA...
--Destroys fungus causing candida.
--Kills viruses causing flu, infectious disease, typhoid, HIV...
--Inhibits parasite growth such as tapeworm, liver flukes, giardia...
--Eases acid reflux, relieves gallbladder disease.
--Enhances proper bowel function and lowers incidence of hemorrhoids when
oil is consumed.
--Relieves and heals intestinal disorders, ulcers, colitis, IBS, and Crohn's disease.
--Stabilizes blood sugar and insulin production.
--Eases neuropathies and itching from diabetes.
--Protects against osteoporosis and reduces problems from cystic fibrosis.
--Enhances pancreatic function, enzyme production and reduces pancreatitis.
--Improves magnesium and calcium absorption, promoting stronger bones.
--Reduces joint and muscle inflammation, supporting repair of tissues.
--Regulates thyroid function.
--Protects against cancers of colon, breast, and digestive tract.
--Medium chain fatty acids (MCFA) protect against development of Alzheimer's disease.
--MCFA strengthen heart and circulatory system protecting against artherosclerosis and heart disease.
--Prevents oxidation of fatty acids.
--Provides antioxidants to fight free radicals slowing aging and degenerative diseases such as arthritis.
--Relieves symptoms of chronic fatigue syndrome.
--Reduces incidence and intensity of epileptic seizures.
--Stabilizes female hormones reducing hot flashes and vaginal dryness during menopause.
--Lessens symptoms associated with prostate enlargement.
--Strengthens the liver and protects against degeneration.
--Soothes earaches when mixed with garlic and olive oil.
Topical uses for coconut oil:
--Forms a chemical barrier on skin to protect and heal infections.
--Topical applications relieve pain and swelling from hemorrhoids.
--Moisturizes and softens dry skin.
--Reduces bags, puffiness and wrinkles under eyes.
--Lessens occurrence and appearance of varicose veins.
--Preps skin before shaving.
--Mixed with baking soda,
coconut oil makes an effective toothpaste.
--Soothes sunburned skin and promotes healing of burns and blisters.
--Heals psoriasis and eczema lesions.
--Stops pain, burning, and itching of bug and snake bites.
--Prevents itching from poison ivy, oak, and sumac.
--Promotes firm skin tone, preventing age spots, sagging and wrinkles.
--Eliminates head lice.
--Removes makeup easily.
--Heals nail fungus under finger and toenails.
--Prevent nosebleeds by applying light film inside nostrils.
--In combination with cornstarch and baking soda,
coconut oil makes an effective deodorant.
--Makes an excellent massage oil, a natural personal lubricant, and great sunscreen.
--Conditions hair, prevents split ends, reduces frizz, controls flaky scalp and dandruff.
--Removes scars and stretch marks.
--Repairs cracked, sore, dry nipples from nursing.
--Heals diaper rash and removes cradle cap on babies.
Nutritional uses for coconut oil:
--Enhances absorption of nutrients and improves digestion.
--Provides a quick energy source and stimulates metabolism.
--Produces immediate, usable energy source rather than being stored as fat.
--Increases metabolic rate, stabilizes body weight, and controls food cravings.
--Enriches milk supply for breast-feeding women.
--Doesn't form harmful by-products during cooking when used at high heat.

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(NaturalNews) It is said that the healthiest oil found on earth is coconut oil. Before, this oil was considered unhealthy due to its high content of saturated fat. It was understood in the past that saturated oils led to heart disease and increased blood cholesterol. Four decades ago, a study was specifically conducted to see if this was true, but nobody ever thought that hydrogenated coconut was used. Hydrogenated oils, according to many studies, cause a multitude of health problems.

For millenniums, people in Asia and the Pacific utilized coconut oil as a medicine and a food. The people living in tropical places such as Yucatan, Polynesia and Sri Lanka used this oil in their diet, and they were found to be healthier and less prone to cardiovascular disease, colon problems and cancer than those who consumed unsaturated fats. Today, people now realize that there are good saturated fats and cholesterol.

There are many health advantages of using virgin coconut oil

 According to research, this oil has medium-chain fatty acids which heighten metabolism and energy, thus stimulating the thyroid.

Another benefit is that it targets the harmful bacteria candida and kills it using its caprylic acid content. It also lowers cholesterol because of its lauric acid content that safeguards the heart through the increase of good cholesterol and decrease of total cholesterol. It also encourages weight loss, because there is no circulation of the medium-chain fatty acids in the bloodstream. The coconut oil goes directly to the liver and is then turned into energy. The coconut oil's fat is therefore not stored as fat by the body; instead, the body utilizes it for energy.

Virgin coconut oil controls diabetes, because the insulin in the bloodstream does not go up.

The oil instead controls blood sugar through the improvement of insulin secretion. It also lessens heart disease as shown by studies performed on inhabitants of the Pacific Islands where their entire caloric intake included 30% to 60% from fully saturated coconut oil. These people were discovered to be free of cardiovascular disease. When virgin coconut oil is taken with vitamin E supplements via the skin, it can help prevent gastrointestinal malabsorption diseases.

Virgin coconut oil strengthens the immune system because of its lauric acid content.

It is also good for the skin when it is directly applied, as it makes a shielding antibacterial layer which protects the part of the body that is infected. It also quickens the healing of bruises, as it repairs tissues that are damaged. Aside from moisturizing the skin, virgin coconut oil also moisturizes the lips and the body and is great for body massages. Women also use it to remove their makeup.

Virgin coconut oil also nourishes the brain, according to studies which show how consuming it enhances cognitive function.

It also reverses or stalls neurodegenerative diseases during the early stages. It has been used for five millenniums in India as Ayurvedic medicine. It also speeds up recovery from illnesses as shown by residents of Panama who drink it to guard themselves from health problems.

Because of the health advantages of using virgin coconut oil, people should use it as a part of their health regimen.

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Learn more: http://www.naturalnews.com/042184_virgin_coconut_oil_health_advantages_healthy_foods.html#ixzz2q0ShvHze


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